Healthy Life Chopsticks will prevent you from eating too fast #WearableWednesday

December 31, 2014 Jessica


Cool project from riiiiiho on Instructables.

This is an instruction on how to create an arduino which will prevent you from eating too fast by alerting you. It will be attached to chopsticks and if you start eating too fast, the wristband will start vibrating.

First, you’ll need to purchase:

– Sparkfun 3-Achsen Beschleunigungssensor Breakout – ADXL335 (sensor)

– Seeed Studio Grove – Vibrator (vibrator)

Adafruit GEMMA – Portable Miniature electronic platform (portable platform)

Coin Cell Battery Holder – 2xCR2032 (battery container)

– 2 Panasonic CR-2032/BN Knopfzelle Lithium 3V 220mAh CR2032 (batteries)

– JST (power connector)

– wires for connecting all of them.

1) Solder all the wires needed to connect Gemma, vibrator, and sensor.

2) To check the acceleration, you have to connect the wires from accelerator to used sketch to see if it is shaking. The connected wires and where to connect them are shown in the last two pictures. Use the coding of the accel z shown in the picture to check if it shakes.

3) Connect wires of the battery container to the JST (power connector)

4) Disconnect after checking the accelerator.

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