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CircuitPython snakes its way to SparkFun Pro nRF52840 Mini @sparkfun @circuitpython @arduino #circuitpython #arduino

December 01, 2018 phillip torrone

One of our goals with making a great open-source platforms is for not only the community to learn from, use, and extend them, but other companies that also do open-source hardware and software to use and extend. We are thrilled to see CircuitPython on the SparkFun Pro nRF52840 Mini – Bluetooth Development Board – DEV-15025. […]

From the Forums: Arduino Controlled Christmas Tree – WS2812b RGB LED (NeoPixels) #NeoPixel

November 30, 2018 Mike Barela

Adafruit forums user adavegetable  has been posting some great NeoPixel effects on the Adafruit Forums over time.The latest is an Arduino controlled Christmas tree:Three 50 pixel WS2812b RGB strands, multitasking three separate NeoPixel patterns from three digital output pins. This Candy Cane program is running on an Arduino TinkerKit LCD (a Leonardo clone) driving three separate 50 […]

How TV-B-Gone’s Mitch Altman Created the ArduTouch Music Synthesizer @IEEESpectrum @maltman23

November 28, 2018 Mike Barela

Legendary Mitch Altman writes in the IEEE Spectrum how the ArduTouch Music Synthesizer was created.As a kid with a lust for music, I was rocked by the Moog synthesizer sounds of 1968’s Switched-On Bach. I needed to learn how to make those sounds! Thus began a lifetime of learning and synthesizer making … I wanted to provide them with […]

eduArdu update @olimex @arduino @scratch

November 27, 2018 phillip torrone

eduArdu update | olimex. We are preparing Arduino libraries for all features: • scrolling text and writing images on the LED8x8 matrix • playing single tone and multi tone sounds on the buzzer • measuring the temperature with the on-board sensor • measuring the light with LDR • detecting movements with the PIR sensor • […]

DIY Light-up TARDIS Patch Jacket #WearableWednesday #Wearables #DoctorWho #NeoPixels

November 22, 2018 Mike Barela

A neat project by Bling the Book/Jill Dawson on Instructables: a DIY Light-up TARDIS Patch Jacket.In this Instructable, I will show you a method for making your own light-up TARDIS patch jacket, by re-programming a LilyTiny or LilyTwinkle microcontroller (or other Arduino-based microcontroller), and adding in a few Adafruit NeoPixels.See this guide on Instructables and in the […]