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NEW GUIDE: John Park’s Classic MIDI Synth Control with Trellis M4 @adafruit @johnedgarpark #adafruit

November 21, 2018 John Park

With this new guide in the Learn System you can use the Trellis M4 to control any classic synthesizer over MIDI DIN-5 cables!Play your classic synthesizers using the Trellis M4 by sending MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) data over UART (serial port) to a traditional MIDI DIN-5 connection. No USB MIDI required! Example code includes easy-to-install firmware,  […]

NEW GUIDE: LED Harness Bra #AdafruitLearningSystem, #NeoPixels #CircuitPlaygroundExpress #Wearables #WearableWednesday

November 21, 2018 Mike Barela

A great new guide on the Adafruit Learning System for Wearable Wednesday: The LED Harness Bra.Build this blinky fun wearable for your next outing or cosplay. Features ooodles of NeoPixel lights and controlled by the Adafruit Circuit Playground Express.Change animations at the push of a button. Blinky fun this holiday season!See the build guide on

Adafruit Holiday Gift Guide 2018: Adafruit IO | IoT #AdafruitIO #IoTuesday

November 20, 2018 Stephanie

Welcome to week 2 of Adafruit’s 2018 Holiday Gift Guides. Today we’re covering Adafruit IO and the Internet of Things with a special focus on CircuitPython and Arduino. First things first, let’s talk boards.You’ll need one of these to connect to Adafruit IO. We have them in two flavors but a similar, small, form factor: […]

NEW GUIDE: John Park’s Trellis M4 Beat Sequencer @adafruit @johnedgarpark #adafruit

November 20, 2018 John Park

 With this new guide in the Learn System you can get started making your own beats using the Trellis M4 from Adafruit!We’ll start with a simple eight-step sequencer, programmed in CircuitPython, and then get a bit more complex with a sixteen-step sequencer that includes effects, beat repeats, and even a live sampler to record your […]

Use Rust on SAMD21 Microcontrollers #CircuitPlaygroundExpress #Adruino #Feather #Gemma #ItsyBitsy #Metro #Trinket #Rustlang #Rust @MicrochipMakes

November 20, 2018 Mike Barela

Are you an ace at Rust and other modern languages? Or does your application need both speed and memory protection?Well, Rust may be the solution for programming your microcontroller. How is Rust now available for the Microchip SAMD21?Wez on Github has posted a complete repository Open Source for Rust usable on a large number of SAMD21 […]