Solar activity: What do the numbers mean?

June 25, 2013 Dan KB6NU

On the HamRadioHelpGroup mailing list, there’s been a discussion of solar activity and how it affects radio propagation. Several websites were mentioned, and I thought I’d record them here. I really have no personal experience with these sites, except maybe to take a quick look at them if the bands seem particularly dead.

  • SunspotWatch.Com. This site is run by Tomas Hood, NW7US. He is the propagation editor for CQ magazine. Geoff, N7PGN says, “[Hood] as some very good information on his website and his propagation and space weather website, http://hfradio.org.
  • HF Propagation Tools and Solar Data.

    Tiny, AB3RW, says, “I use this website. Thre is a tab at the top labeled using data that will help you out a lot.”

  • W4HM’s Daily MF/HF/6M Frequency Radio Wave Propagation Forecast. This site is run by W4HM, who worked in space and terrestrial level weather forecasting for some private weather forecasting companies and federal government agencies for 31 years before retiring from the business in 2004.

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