Amateur radio in the news: Raising awareness in India and Ghana

June 08, 2013 Dan KB6NU

Here are a couple of recent news items about efforts to increase the awareness of amateur radio and the number of amateur radio operators overseas. These efforts are definitely something that we should individually and as members of the ARRL support…..Dan

Awareness drive to revive ham radio
. The Indian Institute of Hams is seeking to expand its base of amateur radio users, especially targeting youths, which it believes will help during times of emergency. The institute on Sunday began its awareness drive in association with the Institution of Engineers (India). Later in the month, it will hold a two-day workshop wherein new members who want to experiment with ham radio will be trained and recruited as ham radio enthusiasts.

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Ghana holds first amateur radio administration course workshop. The first Amateur Radio Administration course, aimed at bringing together operators, industry experts and other relevant bodies to exchange experiences and best practices in the field, is underway in Accra. The weeklong workshop is being organised by the National Communication Authority (NCA) in partnership with the International Telecommunication Union and the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU).


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