Amateur Radio Videos: Velveeta, soldering PL259s, antenna polarization

February 05, 2013 Dan KB6NU

Here’s a collection of ham radio-related videos that I’ve run across in the last week or so. I need to start doing videos. Anyone wan to help me out?

Velveeta? Really? Kraft is using ham radio to plug Velveeta cheese. It’s pretty cheezy (pun intended), but funny, too. Seriously, though, I hope not too many of you out there eat this stuff. If you need a recipe to make some “real” macaroni and cheese, I’ll post my recipe here.

PL-259 Connector Installation. Thanks to Alex, N3DER, for posting a link to this video on the Tacos mailing list. The video’s creator, Murray, W9EHQ, is very thorough and presents a very good technique for installing PL-259s onto coax. Lately, however, I’ve been using crimp-on PL-259s. Crimping the connectors is much easier than soldering them. Phil, M1GWZ, is also not sold on this technique. He notes, “I didn’t find the video entirely convincing. For a start, he remembered to put the plug cover on the cable before soldering the connector on. I’ve never seen anyone do that before.  :-)”

Yagi and Lightbulb Antenna – K0NR. Bob, K0NR, demonstrates polarization using a simple 2m dipole with a lightbulb connected between the two elements. I’ve done this demonstration down at the Hands-on Museum. It’s a really good way to show how polarization works.

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