Operating Notes – 10/23/12

October 24, 2012 Dan KB6NU

  1. 10m has been open for the past couple of days. Last night, I worked Hiro, JH0INP from here at my home QTH, using only my loop antenna. He gave me a 559 report. Of course, I’m sure that his seven-element tribander had something to do with that report. :)
  2. I seem to work DX in bunches. Of my last nine QSOs here at home, seven have been DX contacts. W4UTI and W3PX are the two rare domestic QSOs. This evening, I worked I8SAT on 30m. My last contact with him was way back in May 2003.
  3. Pet peeve: stations that respond to my CQ with only their callsigns. I know that this has become standard operating procedure for contests and even DX operation these days, but I’m not having any part of it when it comes to normal operation. If a station sends only his call sign, I either reply with QRZ? or with just a question mark. It’s not just the new ops doing it, either. Some of the guys who are starting to do this are old-timers.

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