11 New Amateur Radio Operators

October 13, 2012 Dan KB6NU

Last Saturday, I taught another session of my one-day Tech class. Their callsigns finally made it into the FCC database today:

  • Joe,  KD8TGZ
  • Kieran, KD8THA
  • Reginald, KD8THB
  • Richard, KD8THD
  • Curtis, KD8THE
  • Judith, KD8THF
  • Robert, KD8THG
  • Ulysses. KD8THH
  • Chris, KD8THI
  • Lizabeth, KD8THJ
  • Richard, KD8THK

Eleven out of twelve passed. The twelfth was a teenage girl who really was just in the class because her father “encouraged” her to do so. As with the teenager from my last class, I’m not going to count her as part of the total and claim a 100% pass rate this time.

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