On the Internet – cat sends Morse Code, IARU band plans, Tek gets with the program

September 21, 2012 Dan KB6NU

Sorry about not posting much here lately beside the Extra Class questions of the day, but I’ve been pretty busy with my work and I really do Here are some more links to ham-related items on the Internet:

Cat sends Morse Code. I love cats, and while there are many videos of cute cats on the Internet, here’s one that shows a cat sending Morse Code. (Well, not really, but if you watch, you’ll see what I mean.) As I was watching this video, and then viewing a couple of other cute cat videos on this site, I noticed that my cat, Poochie, who was sitting on my lap, was intently watching the videos as well. That’s the first time that I’ve ever noticed that he was interested in what was going on on my computer screen.

IARU Region 2 band plans. A year from now, the IARU Region 2 General Assembly will take place.  On the agenda are new  Region 2 band plans.  These band plans set the framework on how we use our bands and what modes we use in specific frequencies. If you’re interested in this topic, this Web page contains information on the current band plan and the procedure that will be followed for updating them next year.

Tek hypes ham radio.Tektronix, the big test instrument manufacturer, has many hams working for them. Perhaps the most well-known is Alan, W2AEW. I’ve blogged about him before. He has produced a really great series of videos on YouTube. He’s now blogging on the Tektronix website, and his latest post is an introduction to amateur radio.

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