Interesting stuff on the Internet – 8/21/12

August 21, 2012 Dan KB6NU

Here are three more interesting links that I’ve gleaned from the mailing lists and ham radio groups that I belong to:

  • G8MNY Technical Bulletins. G8MNY has been providing these technical bulletins over the packet network in Europe for many years. They were written by many different authors and cover many different topics including aerials, baluns, filters, microphones, and more.

These last two are from the LinkedIn amateur radio groups. If you’re on LinkedIn, send me a connect request and I’ll add you.

  •  Tubebooks.org. This site has PDFs of many older electronics books. Among them:Audels Radiomans Guide, Edwin P. Anderson, 1945, 880 pages
    An odd book, about 4-1/2″ x 6-1/2″ and a whopping 880 pages, “covering theory, construction, and servicing including television electronics”.  It covers everything from sounds waves through basic electronics, PA systems (including a little info on a WE theatre amp), transmitters, car and aircraft radio, troubleshooting – you name it, it’s in here.  Not a college text, this looks like it could be a handbook for the radio technician or advanced hobbyist of the 1940’s.  Lots of good vintage info!
  • Slim Jim antenna calculator & Slim  Jim information. I always thought that “Slim Jim” was just another term for J-pole. I was wrong. This site not only explains the difference, but has a calculator that lets you design your own. Now, I’m going to have to build one of these!

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