From the trade magazines – 8/18/12

August 18, 2012 Dan KB6NU

Protect your fortress from ESD. Let’s get a better understanding of what actually happens in an ESD strike, and from there, figure out how to architect a system to deal with it.

How to Create and Program USB Devices. What does USB have to do with ham radio? How do you think the audio gets from your rig to your computer when operating digital modes? Even if you’re never going to design a USB interface, you should know how it works.

Surge protection—Stop fried electronics. Surges and spikes on data lines can fry your communications boards and garble data. This article describes the operation, installation and selection of what is probably the most common method of data line protection. Surge suppressors divert excess energy away from the port being protected into a ground connection. The operation of these devices relies on a high quality ground connection in order to safely shunt away unwanted energy.

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