Michigan PRB-1 Legislation News

December 09, 2012 Dan KB6NU

This arrived in my inbox this morning. If you live in Michigan, please contact your state senator about this bill……Dan

Greetings to all Michigan Hams December 8, 2012

This is a special email alert for all Michigan hams concerning our ongoing PRB-1 effort in Michigan.

I have good news to report in that after a Senate Hearing on December 5, based on a 3 – 0 vote, SB1244 was passed and is moving onto the Senate Floor. This means that on December 11, our bill may be voted on by the Senate. If we are successful there, the bill will move to the House, and if successful there as well, it could end up on the Governors’ desk for his signature.

I am asking each Michigan ham to act now and visit http://www.miarrlprb1.org/ which is our PRB-1 website and click on the “Update Alert” tab to read the notes from Wednesday’s Senate Committee Hearing. Please download the “sample” letter available by clicking on the “What Can I Do?” tab. Simply fill in your senator’s name, add your name and address at the bottom and email to your senator. There is no need to add anything to the letter.

You can find your senator’s email address by clicking on the “Find Your Senator” tab. Some senators have a direct email listed, others may have a form email where you may have to cut and paste your letter into their form. Please send a copy to wb8r@arrl.org so we can see how much of the “market” we are covering and we can send a copy to any senators who do not get a letter from a constituent. For those that use an email form, please send a note directly to me at wb8r@arrl.org telling me which senator you sent the letter to and that you used an email form.

There is a possibility that our bill may time out if it is not possible to get the process completed by the end of the legislative session. Not to worry. We will start all over again in January and already have our primary sponsor lined up. We have some good support in the Senate and we feel that we are in good shape.

Thank you in advance for your fine assistance. This is an important issue and we need to blanket the Senate with our letters.


Larry, WB8R
Michigan Section Manager

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