Operating Notes: Happy Holidays, calling CQ, K3s

December 25, 2012 Dan KB6NU

I hope everyone is having a happy and safe holidays. Here at KB6NU, we celebrate both Christmas Eve and Christmas. Christmas Eve is with my family, Christmas with my wife’s family. It’s twice the fun!  Here are my operating notes for today:

  • One thing I’ve noticed lately is other stations calling CQ right near the frequency where I’m calling CQ. Often, I’ll answer their call, and usually they come right back to me. This leads me to wonder why they didn’t call me in the first place. They obviously could hear me, if they’d tuned to my frequency. Usually, they’re sending slower than I was sending, but I’m always happy to slow down to whatever speed they want. Who knows?
  • Does it seem you that there are more Elecraft K3s on the air than other rigs? It seems like half the stations I work anymore are using K3s. This morning, for example, both K1JD and WT2W were running K3s. I’m seriously considering getting one myself.
  • Double the pleasure. A couple of days ago, I ran across KO1U on 20m. We had a short, strained QSO. The band wasn’t quite yet open, and signals were kind of poor. After ending that QSO, I moved down to 30m and started calling CQ. Who’s the first station to reply? KO1U, of course. :) The signals were a lot better on 30m, and my noise level was a lot lower, too.

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