Should we recruit truckers into amateur radio?

December 20, 2012 Dan KB6NU

On the ARRL’s PR mailing list, there’s currently a discussion about recruiting truckers into ham radio. The fellow who started the discussion noted that he had talked to a trucker who not only was a ham, but also was actively recruiting other truckers by handing out information packets at truck stops.

There was, of course a lot of back and forth on this topic. Some thought this was a good idea. One fellow commented, “I think truckers would greatly benefit from our repeater systems, IRLP, EchoLink and D-STAR.  I also think it’s long past time to forget about our lost 11 meter band…We’ve had many exceptional ops who got their start on Part D Citizens Band.  We could get many more if we made the effort to be accommodating and patient.  The benefits outweigh the risks.”

Others worried that 2m might go the way of CB (as if it hadn’t already).

I’m all for it myself. I’m for recruiting nearly any group of people that could make good use of amateur radio. How about you?

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