This makes me feel good

January 21, 2013 Dan KB6NU


One of the nice things about writing my “No-Nonsense” study guides is that I get e-mail all the time from folks  who have used them to get their first license or upgrade to General or Extra. This is very gratifying to me. Yesterday, I found two in my inbox, one right after the other:

Mike writes:

Thank you for your license study guides!  I have been studying the Technician guide and took and passed the test today.

After passing the Technician test, they said I could try the General test without having to pay more, so I took it.  Somehow (luck), I passed it even though I hadn’t cracked open your General guide yet.  I’m still going to go through it, though, to make sure I know all the important stuff.

I’m starting to learn Morse code.  I think I want to mainly operate in CW.

I love it that he wants to operate CW. Austin, wrote:

This is just a short note to let you know I took the Extra exam today and passed with a perfect score. Thanks for your Study Guide.  I loaded the PDF on my Kindle and read each night for a couple weeks.  Today was the result.

Congratulations, Mike and Austin!  I hope to hear you on the bands one of these days.

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