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Videos on Compiling JAERO and libAEROAMBE for AERO C-Channel Voice Audio Reception

December 11, 2018 admin

At the beginning of last month we posted about an update to JAERO which allows us to now listen to AERO C-Channel voice audio. AERO is a satellite based communications service used by modern aircraft, and it's possible to easily receive the signals with an RTL-SDR, L-band patch antenna and LNA. The C-Channel conversations are […]

World Radio TV Handbook (WRTH) Reviews the Airspy HF+

December 11, 2018 admin

The World Radio TV Handbook (WRTH) is a directory book (or CD) of world radio stations on LW, MW, SW and FM. In addition to the directory they also do reviews of radios/SDRs, and recently they reviewed the Airspy HF+ (pdf). The Airspy HF+ is high dynamic range HF/VHF receiver designed for DXing. According to the review, WRTH […]

USRP SDRs used to Break 3G to 5G Mobile Phone Security

December 07, 2018 admin

According to researchers at the International Association for Cryptologic Research it is possible to snoop on 3G to 5G mobile users using a fake base station created by an SDR. It has been well known for several years now that 2G mobile phone security has been broken, but 3G to 5G remained secure. However, the researchers […]

Using a Cheap USB to Serial Port Adapter as a Transmitting SDR

December 07, 2018 admin

A while ago we posted about Osmo-FL2K which is a Steve M Osmocom project that allows you to use a cheap $10 USB to VGA adapter as an HF - 1.7 GHz transmitting SDR. Now another similar project by Ted Yapo has been released which allows the use of a low cost FT232RL based USB to […]

RTL-SDRs and the VHF+ Reverse Beacon Network

December 05, 2018 admin

The Reverse Beacon Network is a project that monitors the amateur radio bands by using volunteer stations to continuously and autonomously collect data on what/when stations are being received, and how good the signal is. The data is made public on the internet and this allows amateur radio operators to easily determine overall propagation conditions. […]