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Astro Pi upgrades on the International Space Station

September 19, 2017 David Honess

In 2015, The Raspberry Pi Foundation built two space-hardened Raspberry Pi units, or Astro Pis, to run student code on board the International Space Station (ISS). Astro Pi upgrades Each school year we run an Astro Pi challenge to find the next generation of space scientists to program them. After the students have their code run […]

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Pioneers: only you can save us

September 18, 2017 Alex Bate

Pioneers, we just received this message through our network — have you seen it? Can you see me? Only YOU can save us! Uploaded by Raspberry Pi on 2017-09-14. Only you can save us We have no choice – we must help her! If things are as bad as she says they are, our only […]

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NEW GUIDE: John Park’s Haunted Portrait @adafruit @johnedgarpark #adafruit #halloween

September 16, 2017 John Park

Have you ever wanted to build a spooky, living painting to hang on the wall and freak out your friends? Here’s how! Just take a look at this new guide, the Haunted Portrait, for step-by-step instructions! You’ll use a small, but powerful Raspberry Pi Zero (or any Pi you have on hand) and a spare […]

DIY Object Recognition with Raspberry Pi, Node.js, & Watson @Raspberry_Pi #PiDay #RaspberryPi

September 16, 2017 Kelly

Rad post from Christopher Hiller. A glorious thing nowadays is that you needn’t be an AI researcher nor have expensive hardware to leverage machine learning in your projects. Granted, a domain-specific design will net greater benefits in the long run. Yet, until recently, a general-purpose, off-the-shelf solution wasn’t easily consumable by your average developer (that’s […]

Netflix Develops Morse Code Search Option #piday #raspberrypi @Raspberry_Pi

September 16, 2017 Ben

Via Raspberrpi.org: The Teleflix build from this summer’s Hack Day is obviously the best one yet, as it uses a Raspberry Pi. By writing code that decodes the dots and dashes from an original 1920s telegraph (provided by AT&T, and lovingly restored by the team using ketchup!) into keystrokes, they’re able to search for their […]