Monitor II by RetroConnector #piday #raspberrypi @Raspberry_Pi

July 05, 2014 Jessica

Charles Mangin posted this epic video of his Monitor II using Raspberry Pi and Adafruit’s NTSC/PAL TFT Display. Great project!

The Miniature Monitor II is designed to match the Apple II Raspberry Pi case by RetroConnector. It features a working 3.5” LCD screen, power switch and tilting bezel. Available at http://retroconnector.com

Featured Adafruit Product!


NTSC/PAL (Television) TFT Display – 3.5″ Diagonal: Yes, this is an adorable small television! The visible display measures only 3.5″ (8.9cm) diagonal, the TFT comes with a NTSC/PAL driver board. The display is very easy to use – simply connect 6-15VDC to the red (+) and black (-) wires, then connect a composite video source to the RCA connectors. Voila, a television display! There’s three little buttons that let you enter a menu system for adjusting brightness, color and contrast. The cable has two composite plugs, AV1 and AV2. AV1 is the default and if AV2 goes ‘live’ it replaces AV1. Be sure to try both RCA inputs if one doesn’t show up at first. Read more.

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