How To Control An Espresso Machine With #RaspberryPi #piday @Raspberry_Pi

July 04, 2014 Rebecca Houlihan


Tutorial for controlling your espresso machine with Raspberry Pi. via iSPRESSO

iSPRESSO is a appliance modification comprised of Raspberry Pi computer, solid state relays, temp sensor, buttons and a display, a custom Printed Circuit Board, and custom linux shell scripts and a good bit of python code. The instructions to build, including source code, is available on this site.

iSPRESSO features:

Programmable software PID Controller for precise boiler temperature control
Configurable Pre-soak time, wait time, and brew time
Controllable from web browser, iPad, iPhone (Android coming soon) on WiFi network
Schedule allows programmable on / off timing for each day of the week
LCD readout for system status, toggle buttons for operation
Smart Connect for easy setup to your WiFi network

Full Tutorial

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