Introducing EMBD

May 09, 2014 adafruit

Introducing EMBD – Karan Misra.

EMBD is a frame­work for Go which does GPIO (Gen­eral Pur­pose I/O), talks the I²C pro­tocol (+ many more) and provides the drivers ne­ces­sary to in­ter­act with many hard­ware sensors (eg. gyro­scope, mag­ne­to­meter, ba­ro­meter, etc.) It’s non-in­trus­ive API al­lows you to quickly pro­to­type solu­tions (see below for ex­ample) without sac­ri­fising pro­duc­tion-wor­thi­ness. And the best part? The code will run on a mul­ti­tude of sup­por­ted hosts (like the Rasp­berry Pi, and the Beagle­Bone Black) without change!

Homepage: https://embd.kidoman.io/
Github: https://github.com/kidoman/embd