Adafruit Joy Bonnet Docking 3.5″ HDMI screen #3DThursday #3DPrinting

April 28, 2017 Ben

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Shared by TronicGr on Thingiverse:

The new Joy Bonnet makes it very easy to convert the Raspberry Pi Zero W to a portable retro gaming pocket device. Well not so portable. You still need power and HDMI connection and a TV. In a few words still needs some cables attached on the device. Then, try playing for long time those low resolution Snes games on 65 inch TV screen… I mean looks good, but those huge pixels!

I liked to have the Adafruit Joy Bonnet for playing both on large TV screen to show off old games but not leave it hooked up there and perhaps use a smaller screen for it. I didn’t want to modify anything so it would be easy to switch between the two. So… I designed a mini portable Docking Screen for it, that is battery powered.

The Docking Screen supports all HDMI resolutions so no need for modifications in the Config.txt for the resolution and has stereo audio via the HDMI cable. It provides the power to the Raspberry Pi Zero and breaks out the USB port for attaching external USB Joypad controller or USB hub.

The docking is done via normal mini USB cables and Mini HDMI adapter that are fixed on the front of the Docking screen. When it docks it kinda looks like a mini bar top arcade machine.

Download the files and learn more

Featured Adafruit Product!:

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Adafruit Joy Bonnet for Raspberry Pi: Pocket-sized fun is the name of this game, with the Joy Bonnet – our most fun Bonnet ever (no we didn’t even think that was possible, either!). This Bonnet fits perfectly on top of your Raspberry Pi Zero (any kind) and gives you adorable hand-held arcade controls. Once you install our script onto your Pi, the controls will act like a keyboard, for easy use with any emulator or media player.Read More

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