How to Backup Photos While Traveling With an iPad and a Raspberry Pi #piday #raspberrypi @Raspberry_Pi

April 21, 2017 Jessica


How to Backup Photos While Traveling With an iPad and a Raspberry Pi – Part III via Moving Electrons.

This is the third part of a series of posts on backing up photos while traveling using a Raspberry Pi (RPi) and iOS devices (here are both Part I and Part II). Although each part ends with a perfectly working solution, subsequent parts built on the previous one, aiming at having a streamlined and easy-to-use process.

The general process continues to be the same:


This time, I had 3 clear objectives in mind:

  1. Make the whole workflow less dependent on an iOS device, but still having the option of doing it by connecting from an iOS device.
  2. Check the backup status at a glance. As explained in Part II, we can check if the backup process has ended by running a Pythonista script on the iPad. But for that, we would need to be connected to the RPi. I wanted a more straight forward way of checking if the backup was finished or still in process.
  3. Turning off the RPi without needing to connect to it.

These requirements raised some challenges as there is no way to interact with the RPi other than connecting to it, unless additional hardware is installed.

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