NES Classic is Dead, Long Live the NES Classic #piday #raspberrypi @Raspberry_Pi

April 22, 2017 Ben

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With the news that Nintendo is ending production of the already elusive NES Classic, there will be a renewed surge in NES emulation using the Raspberry Pi. Check out this great Raspberry Pi 3B case to start building your own game console. Shared by JJDesigns on Thingiverse

Mini Nintendo NES Classic case for the Raspberry Pi 3B.

I’v seen a few cases, but none as i wanted it, so i made one myself.
These are the criteria:

Easy to print
Low cost, not to much extra required parts
Cooling fan
Easy access micro sd card
Raspberry board can be removed from case with micro sd inserted
On/Off button
USB ports on the front
Case screwed together
So i came up with this design…
I didn’t use the lid, it’s only decorative. Sure the cartridge with NFC is a nice thing,but who uses it in the end?…
I used a dual port USB connector in the front, wires need to be soldered to usb plugs or pcb board and plugged into the Raspberry.
For power button, use pcb 8mm switch, solder wires with connectors to it and connect to Raspberry pins 5 & 6 and use shutdown script.
The bracket for the swicthes in integrated on the bottom shell.
There is also place enough in the back to use a “Borkin button”, i will upload a model with decorative switches soon.
A 3mm LED can be placed in front, just use some glue to keep in in place en connect to the Raspberry.
Feel free to send me comments and suggestions!
Do NOT SELL my designs !
Please leave a tip if you like and use my designs
Facebook page: NES2PI

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